i'm emily,

I started Busy Being to help people feel better — why not start 'em young?


I think its very important for us to feel creative. To me, creativity is a lot more than just writing a catchy song or being able to draw the scariest monster. It's having the space to do things that come from you, rather than being tainted by worried thoughts and pent-up emotions.

I graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in Graphic Design and I had been studying and teaching adult yoga for most of my four years there. I love teaching adults but something was telling me I should start to focus more of my energy on the kids and teens. The idea of Busy Being works to incorporate mindfulness programs into K-12 schools to ultimately make kids feel better, like it's done for me. I talk about this more in my blog, but I was prescribed ADHD medication in fourth grade because my mom and I were going back to my school almost every day to get the correct books into my backpack. I couldn't focus, my brain was as unorganized as my habits and the only suggestion was to take a pill to cover it up for a while. The medication did its job to help me get better grades but not without unwanted side effects.

It wasn't until I was introduced to yoga, in my senior year of high school, that I started to notice a natural shift in my ability and desire to focus. Two years later, I was completely off my medication. My mood dramatically improved and, as I practiced more, I even saw clearer connections to the little puzzle pieces that shaped my life. In a nutshell, my brain was clearer and more prepared to create. I want to help share what has helped me feel this clarity with others and make sure we're all having fun while we're at it.

To get a better idea of the types of methods I use for yoga and mindfulness, check out some of my PDF attachments or give me a call and let's chat!