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What our graduates say...

"So insightful! I've been teaching kids yoga  without any prior kids yoga experience — and it hasn't been going well.  I've learned so much from Emily in just two days — from structure, activities, poses , and fun-ness. An incredible training!" 

- Sydney, BBTT graduate

"I am walking away with some amazing advice to utilize in my own personal way. Emily made the class so comfortable and such a fun learning space. My "tool box" is full of useful and creative techniques to share with my youth! Good job!!" 

- Christina, BBTT graduate

"The things I learned in the teacher training I will immediately use in my classroom (like tomorrow!), and I feel confident that with a little more practice at home I will be ready to teach my first 15-20 min class to preschoolers. This comes from someone with only a small amount of yoga background!" 

- Andrea, BBTT graduate

"This is my second training with Emily. I started using this material in my classroom right away after the first weekend. I wanted to refresh and learn more to become a better kids yoga teacher and add to my tool belt. I cannot wait to use the new stuff to help my students!"

- Kristin, BBTT graduate

"Busy Being training is definitely something worth signing up for. Whether you're a yoga teacher, school teacher, parent/caregiver, or any other position working with children, you will be able to teach kids mindfulness and offer effective and FUN ways to help them journey through this crazy and beautiful life. Emily is knowledgeable and experienced in teaching kids and makes her teaching applicable both on and off the mat."

- Halle, BBTT graduate

September 21-22 Training

Assist in nurturing a more peaceful generation through sharing the magic of kids yoga!